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Right after the picture to the right was taken the guides girl friend and I held down one of his hound dogs as the guide stapled a three inch deep gash in him. These hogs are no joke! They are mean animals!   

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Warning graphic hunting pictures below text

~ In May of 2012 as luck would have it I found myself on a three day hog hunting trip in south east Texas. I was feeling pretty good about the trip as I had shot two pigs, a small shote and a medium size meat pig. After dinner the guide asked me if I'd like to go on a night hunt with dogs and a knife, no guns allowed. He said that they don't often go but tonight it was on. He said he could put me on a big hog even if it took all night for what seemed like a bargain. I had heard of such hunts but knew nothing about it. I asked if it was safe he replied that his catch dog would not let go and neither would he. He assured me he would have the hogs rear legs. Once the dog and guide had the hog subdued it was my job to stab the hog in the heart with a Crocodile Dundee style bowie knife. The others did not want to go I was all in. He stressed the importance of me doing my job without hesitation as the longer the fight goes the more chance a dog could get hurt or worse.

~ We started right after dark with 5 or 6 big hounds and the tallest white pit bull I had ever seen. He kept the white dog on leash and released the hounds. We followed them by GPS in a truck, ATV, and on foot when the brush got too dense. The hound dogs caught 7 or 8 small pigs during the course of several hours. Some of the pigs were in pretty bad shape by the time we got the hounds off of them. The guide told me that about 100 lbs is the cut off point where the hounds will only bay up a hog without attacking it. Finally around 2 AM the guide said this sounds like a big one. We ran in the hounds had a 197lb boar bayed up, it looked like mayhem! At about 50 yards out the guide let the white dog off leash. He ran in at 100 mph and launched himself on the hogs head and brought him down. The guide grabbed his rear legs like a wheel barrel I did my job as quickly as possible. I take absolutely no credit for the success of the hunt. It was all the guides knowledge, their hard work, their essential equipment and most of all those fantastic dogs. The hounds were tireless. The catch dog has to be seen to appreciate how ferocious he can be! After returning to California I couldn't get that catch dog out of my mind. Two minutes after this vicious,savage animal that had just dispatched a huge boar let me, a stranger pet him like he was a big Lab. I told my nephew of my adventure and the fantastic white dog. He paused for a moment and said I wonder if it was a Dogo Argentino. I telephoned the guide he said I was half right, it was a Dogo Pit mix. I started researching the breed and knew I had to have one. I liked the look and the size of the Dogo so much I wanted a pure breed with a good pedigree. This would make my kids so happy as they had been begging me for a dog for years. I always said no maybe later. I made three trips to Texas and one to Oklahoma going to different breeders. We finally have a family pet, in fact two. I bought Bella and later Tiburon as puppies. You can't imagine how happy my kids and I are with our dogs.