This is a female from Bella and Tiburons last litter. She is 11 months in these three shots. She has been doing quite well in dog shows in the Atlanta Georgia area.

This is the other male from their last litter he's around 11 months here starting to bulk up. Handsome boy isn't he?


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     These pics are of Tiburon as a pup pretty cute. He's a beast now! He is 2 years old and weighs 132lbs. with no fat. Bella is 96lbs and quite lean.  These two will produce some awesome puppies!! They will be very large, athletic with excellent dispositions. Get in contact with me if you are interested or you just want to talk to a Dogo Argentino Breeder.

This was the biggest male of the last litter he was 94lbs at 10 months. Bella and Tiburon produce very large dogs.