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~ Tiburon deserves his name, he truly is the white shark. He is huge standing 27 ½'' at 14 months weighs 115 lbs. He has explosive power and checks Bella when she gets too feisty. Watching the two of them play fight is incredible. Even though both dogs play extremely rough they are sweet and gentle to people they have been introduced to. They won't mouth you or jump up on you. If sitting on the couch they may try and crawl up on your lap and lick you to death. Tiburon's sire is Ikon De Argentium a well known show champion and winner of Best of Breed in the 2011 Eukanuba dog show. His dam is Jalea De Los Medenos one of the  premier Dogo kennels.


More pictures of Bella

~ We live here in northern California, just east of San Francisco near Walnut Creek. We have a few acres so the dogs get plenty of exercise. They do well with horses, they both seem especially fond of a particular white horse on the property. I sometimes wonder if they think this horse is their long lost mom.Here at Mt Diablo Dogos Dogo Argentino Breeder our dogs are well taken care of they see the vet regularly for routine animal care sleep in the house and spend most of the day in their large fenced in kennel. One thing about Dogos is that they are chewers! If left alone they will chew whatever they can reach. If you are not vigilant you will be going barefoot as they are especially fond of shoes. Perhaps it's only my dogs but I read somewhere that a bored Dogo is a destructive Dogo. I believe that to be true.

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~ Bella is the granddaughter of the famous Morocho De La Cocha, killer of a mountain lion that attacked his masters little girl as seen on the tv show, Dogs 101. Bella's dam Maya De TX Dogos inherited Morochos heart. Daniel Lewis of TX Dogos said she was the boss hog of all the bitches in his kennel. Her sire was the infamous international champion Diego De La Cocha. Bella is a sweetheart she has been raised with two cats and a small dog. She loves to play with strange dogs unless they growl at her. She is tall at 26 1/2”. She weighs 94lbs. She is incredibly agile, fast, and athletic. While play fighting she will often jump completely over the top of another large dog to gain advantage.